If you’re someone who finds themselves snacking after meals, or still peckish despite just eating, you’ve stumbled across the right blog post! If you’re a snack-lover or have a bit of an appetite, allow us to introduce you to Casein Protein Powder; possibly the cure to always feeling hungry!


So, what is Casein?

How does it work and how will it rid me of getting hungry, particularly during a dieting phase? Casein is a slow-digesting dairy protein compared to whey protein. This results to a slow and steady release and increase of blood amino acids. These amino acids stay elevated in your blood for six to eight hours after you consume casein, but only 90 minutes after you consume whey, which helps with recovery and reduce muscle breakdown. Because of this, it is mostly taken before bed.

Casein's reduced rate of digestion steadily supplies amino acids to damaged muscle tissue for an extended time which is great as part of a meal replacement keeping you satisfied until your next meal. This is a great aspect of Casein Protein as keeping you feeling full for longer will help curb unhealthy food cravings. This is a huge plus side to Protein Powders that contain Casein Protein as your protein shakes will quite literally help cure your cravings! Leaving you with a protein hit to aid in building lean muscle mass or keep you in that calorie deficit by helping you feel fuller for longer!

Here at M+M Fitness, we have a massive range of Protein Powders that contain Casein Protein for our fellow fit-fam to choose from and we love bringing a great variety for absolutely everyone to choose their pick! Some of our top Slow Digesting Protein Powders include…


Rule One PRO6 Protein

R1 Pro6 Protein delivers 25 grams of protein from 6 faster, moderate, and slower sources. Blending different proteins ensures a full complement of essential and conditionally essential amino acids for recovery. Multiple types of whey, casein, and egg also make R1 Pro6 Protein exceptional around workouts, in-between meals, and as a night-time snack.  



Total Science Iso-Slim Protein

Total Science ISO Slim is a high-quality lean protein designed by nutrition scientists to assist fat loss and help maintain a lean physique. ISO Slim uses a sustained release protein blend to maximise metabolic activity and satiety (feeling of fullness) for up to 8 hours! ISO slim contains a blend of ingredients that have been scientifically researched and proven to assist fat loss. ISO Slim also contains the Total Science HCT (Hormone Control Technology) blend of 3,3'-Diindolylmethane and Diadzein to help optimise hormonal balance to support weight control.


Giant Sports Delicious Protein

Giant Sports Delicious Protein® Elite is the perfect blend of top -quality ingredients, excellent macros and incredible taste. Give your body the protein it needs and enjoy every sip. With 26 grams of protein per serving, only 4 grams of carbs and 2 grams of fat, Giant Sports Delicious Protein Elite is not some high carbohydrate meal replacement product masquerading as a protein powder. At Giant Sports, our mission is to put you, the athlete, first. That means more protein, less carbs and less fat.



BSN Syntha6 Edge

This delicious meal replacement powder is a real game-changer as it delivers you high-quality protein but cutting fat and carbs so you can experience ultimate muscle mass growth.  The Sythna-6 EDGE formula utilises 6 different protein sources and exhibits a SLOW digestion speed to help maintain a steady release of amino acids and improve satiety (feeling of fullness) between meals.

If you’re wanting to really curb appetite and burn some body fat while you’re at it, look no further than any of the above Slow Digesting Protein Powders! There really is no greater Protein shake that can do it all! If your goal entails building muscle, recovering faster, burning body fat or just getting fitter; give a slow digesting protein powder a crack!