“The essential lifting accessory for athletes at all levels. Time-tested and proven as our most popular product” – Versa Gripps

Are you looking for the best accessory to your gym bag? One that will guaranteed increase your lifting strength and help you make some serious gains? Look no further. Versa Gripps Pro are the key to increased lifts and progressive overload, being a self-supporting wrist strap that ultimately alleviates grip fatigue!

But wait, Versa Gripps Pro are not just for the jacked gym bros; they’re for all gym-goers looking to enhance muscle isolation in pulling and pushing exercises! Versa Gripps Pro are made to help absolutely anyone maximise gains and comfort! Say goodbye to pesky hand calluses and hello to protection and grip support.

Versa Gripps Pro come in a wide range of colours including Pink, Camo and Black! There is guaranteed a colour for the whole family. Versa Gripps Pro eliminate the need for gloves, lifting straps, wrist supports and hooks ALL IN ONE! Are you ready to upgrade your mind-muscle connection and enjoy lifting even more? Versa Gripps Pro are here to revolutionize your training journey.   




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Versa Gripps Pro