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Zombie Labs Cross-Eyed blends together an extreme amount of Caffeine and English Walnut Extract to help in giving you that beyond the living dead level of energy and enthusiasm to...
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  Designed to take your workouts to apocalyptic levels, Musclez is the ultimate fuel for those seeking relentless gains and unprecedented performance! It’s all in the name, taking your gains...
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If your looking for skin splitting Zombie Pumpz & Performance then look no further. The all new Pumpz Non-Stim Pre-Workout from the team at ZOMBIE LABS has officially arrived! Pumpz is...
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The all new Fat Burner from the team at ZOMBIE LABS has officially arrived !! Introducing Molotov !! Molotov is going to help you strike down your body goals in...
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We are Zombie Labs

An-all new brand has launched with all new goodies for you guys to dig your teeth into! Or should we say, zombie fangs! If you’ve gotten over your current pre-workout, pump product or even fat-burner, say hello to a whole new range of unruly supps!

Go full zombie mode when you train and hunt your goals with relentless energy from inhumane formulas that can cause eye-crossing, skin-stretching pumps and laser-focus! Warning, insane progress and gains are on the other side of zombie land, proceed with caution!!

Train relentlessly and turn cold-blooded with the new Zombie Labs Cross-Eyed Pre-Workout! This brand new high-stimulant pre blends together an extreme amount of Caffeine and English Walnut Extract to help give you that second-wind of energy on even the longest of days. Train with a whole new level of intent and focus with Zombie Labs Pre-Workout! Say goodbye to feeling sleepy in-between sets and say hello to feeling ignited and like you’re eating up your goals! This Pre will have you charging like a freight train to help you demolish your workouts and feeling strong like never before! If you’re looking for a new Pre-Workout to take things to the next level, then look no further!

But what if you’re more of a coffee connoisseur? Or maybe you workout too late and find pre-workout keeps you buzzing in bed? Well luckily Zombie Labs has our back! With this in mind, our stim-free gym junkies can still fall back on a supplement that is scientifically-proven to increase endurance, muscular pumps and focus! Introducing, Zombie Labs Pumpz Pre-Workout. If you’re looking for skin splitting Zombie Pumps & Performance then you have stumbled across the right blog post!

Pumps is Zombie's stimulant-free super pump formula. Containing specific ingredients for both insane pumps and performance, this is truly a super-natural formula which is sure to be your new go-to pump supplement. Enhanced Blood Flow will leave your muscles feeling ready and fired up to hit PBs! Move weight in the gym better than ever with better pumps, all thanks to zombie pumps! This increased blood flow will help you achieve next level zombie gains from clinical dosing of pure Citrulline! But it doesn’t end there! A pump so powerful that your muscles threaten to explode with Zombie Labs Pumpz; it’s stimulant free but no less effective and can help you achieve the ultimate pump when you train!

Now what about those summer shreds? We know just how hard it can feel when dieting, but what if there was something that could ignite body-fat in no time? And provide relentless energy for cardio and weights sessions? That’s where Zombie Labs have also come in clutch and launched Molotov!! Molotov is going to help you strike down your body goals in a blaze of glory. This thermogenic fireball can aid in delivering hyper-focus, appetite suppressant, and expel flames of energy and bring the heat every time you train. Feel the heat with ZOMBIE LABS Molotov, and throw fire at your body goals with this all-new scorching thermogenic, your training goals have just found its new best friend.

If you haven’t yet explored the uninhabited land of Zombie Labs, you must! Go the extra mile with all new supplements and smash goals you’ve been dreaming of!

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