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Switch OFF stress and switch ON recovery with Adrenal Switch. Utilising key ingredients designed to reduce stress, prevent adrenal over stimulation and to enhance the muscle repair and recovery phase...
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Everyday Primal is a Male Optimisation Formula designed to bring out your inner Alpha! It is loaded with powerful adaptogenic herbs and traditional botanicals that have mountains of scientific data showing they...
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YES!!! 2 of the most popular performance herbs in 1 capsule! Alien Supps Tongkat Ali 100mg (200:1) & Fadogia 250mg (10:1) uses a premium Indonesian Tongkat Ali in a potent,...
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This all new product from 5 Percent Nutrition Post Gear is here and is your new go to PCT. Having a PCT means that you can keep those gains you've...
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Tribulus by Total Science is a clinically dosed testosterone booster designed to maximise your natural testosterone levels to optimise the body's ability to build lean muscle, improve energy and enhance...
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PMT Rescue is specifically formulated to provide relief from the common symptoms of Pre-Menstrual Tension. Utilizing a blend of natural ingredients backed by scientific research, PMT Rescue is designed to...
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Support Testosterone Synthesis 90 Capsules – Vegan – GMO-Free – AUST L 320574 When men are young, they typically feel stronger and one reason for this is that on average...
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The all new Oxysleep by the team at EHP LABS has officially arrived !! Oxysleep is designed to aid in promoting a deeper sleep. From time to time we all...
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ESTRO Switch is a new and improved formula made by the incredible Switch Nutrition; leaders in utilising plant extracts and botanicals for achieving optimal health. ESTRO SWITCH™ combines the perfect...
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Shilajit is often referred to as the ‘conqueror of mountains’. It is a potent natural substance that has a long traditional use in Ayurvedic medicine. Originating in the Himalayan mountains,...
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Hormonal Support Supplements

Hands up ladies if you have ever experienced any form of PMS (premenstrual syndrome). If so, you’re not alone and you are certainly in luck with the supplements we stock that can assist with easing your symptoms! Hormonal imbalance is quite common; however, it is not necessarily normal. Here at M+M Fitness we promote doing what you can to support your body to reach a state of optimal health. If that for you entails supplementing with a natural hormonal support blend, we are all for it. On the contrary, for the men out there experiencing any signs or symptoms of low testosterone, we may also have just the product for you! As always, we highly recommend you seek your health care providers professional advice before supplementing with a new product! So, lets get into it shall we!


What do we have?

We have a great range of natural hormonal supplements that can assist with easing PMS symptoms such as breakouts, mood swings, tender breasts, head aches and much more! Two of our favourite hormonal support supplements for women include the Switch Nutrition Estro Switch and the ATP Science Venus E-tox! The feedback on both of these supplements is incredible and promising, and we know these both have helped so many women!


Switch Nutrition Estro Switch

Estro Switch™ combines the perfect blend of ingredients to provide you with a natural balance.

Utilising the synergy of plant extracts, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, Estro Switch™ may help support normal energy function while reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Estro Switch™ contains broccoli extract standardised for sulforaphane and Indole-3-Carbinol. It also contains a potent highly bioavailable Turmeric extract known as C3® Curcumin. 

With the addition of Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin C, Estro Switch™ may help contribute to normal immune and thyroid function while supporting collagen utilisation for the maintenance of healthy hair, skin and nails.

Estro Switch™ also contains an abundance of antioxidants including Resveratrol, Schisandra Chinensis, Pomegranate Seed Extract, Milk Thistle, Quercetin and N-Acetyl Cystine (NAC).

Estro Switch™ helps provide the everyday natural balance you are looking for without the use of synthetic dyes, fillers or preservatives.


ATP Science Venus E-Tox

We know you are a superwoman and you deserve to feel like one too, but from time to time, you may feel like your hormones could be interfering with your mojo.

ATP Science formulated VENUS E-TOX specifically for women who regularly have to manage the symptoms of premenstrual tension and menstrual cycle irregularity because life doesn’t stop for anyone and family, home, and work still demand your energy and attention regardless of how you may be feeling.

VENUS E-TOX may reduce menstrual cycle irregularities and may help relieve symptoms of Premenstrual tension (PMT) such as:

  • Mood swings, irritability, and aggression.
  • Relieve abdominal bloating and distension.
  • Reduce the occurrence of symptoms of headache.
  • Temporarily relieve mild fluid retention.
  • Decrease breast pain and tenderness.

        Now, for the men out there potentially suffering from low testosterone or hormonal imbalance themselves, we have three extremely beneficial supplements that may be just the one for you! Our favourites with incredible feedback as well include the Switch Nutrition Alpha Switch, Inception Labs Ichor and ATP Science Alpha Jupiter! Just to name a few.


        Switch Nutrition Alpha Switch

        Alpha Switch™ is designed to release your inner Alpha through supporting the internal balance of your body. Your optimisation is the ultimate reward that comes from consuming the evidence backed ingredients found in Alpha Switch™

        Alpha Switch™ contains a combination of Vitamins and Minerals necessary to help support your nutrient requirements and give you a boost.

        The herbal blend in Alpha Switch™ is sure to really get your engine started and support your workout needs.


        ATP Science Alpha Jupiter

        The Roman god Jupiter was revered for his power…and just so happens to be the father of Mars…sometimes the planets align!  Manly Men – this is for you, if you’re not a manly man then you need this to man up.  If your goal is to be as hard as a diamond in a blizzard, or to put a horn on a jellyfish then look no further

        • Assisting in overall men's health
        • Supporting the healthy function of the immune system
        • Supporting blood flow in the body
        • Supporting healthy mitochondrial function
        • Help kick you into gear to you can achieve your training and fitness goals


            Inception Labs Ichor

            The newest innovation in muscle building technology, Ichor is for anyone with a goal of building lean muscle mass while burning stubborn body fat. Up until now, science has concluded that building muscle and burning fat cannot be done effectively at the same time, but with the latest scientific breakthrough this has now been dismissed. Forget slow-lasting, frustrating results – Ichor puts you on an insane all-natural cycle delivering an advanced, dual-action formula that works from both inside-out and outside-in. Ichor achieves this with only two ingredients (the secret is in their dosage ratio)!

            • Enhances protein biosynthesis.
            • Maximises muscle mass and stimulates fat burning.
            • Increases strength, endurance, and energy.
            • Improves liver function.
            • Promotes carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.
            • Enhances immunity.

                If you’re still stuck for the optimal hormonal supplement for you and your goals, don’t hesitate to shoot us a message or give us a call! Better yet, visit us in store!


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