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Up to 20 cups of green tea worth of antioxidants in every serve!Green Tea X50 uses pure, highly concentrated green tea extract (from Camellia Sinesis Leaf) together with 30mg of...
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X50 Green Tea 

Life’s too short for low energy levels and plain water. Pour a sachet of Green Tea X50 into your shaker, drink bottle, watering can, whatever and feel the difference of extra energy and good vibes.”

If you’ve been in the fitness industry for some time now, you’ll probably have heard of X50 Green Tea. You know, the little sachets that you pour into water to add a bit of flavour and for fat burning? Well, there’s more to them then just a little bit of flavour!

By adding a Green Tea X50 sachet to your chilled water, you know you’re getting all the health benefits of the world’s best superfood, green tea. Think the full package; a source of clean energy, a rush of antioxidants and a boost of metabolism! They’re more than just a pretty face! With every sip, the antioxidants work hard to support a healthy gut, help radiant skin and just make you feel good! So, who wouldn't want that!?

If you have been around the fitness industry for some time, you’ll know that X50 is up to 20 cups of green tea worth of antioxidants in every serve! But where does all of this antioxidant goodness come from? Two words… Polyphenolic antioxidants! These little bad boys pack a powerful punch, they do something so incredible and that is neutralize free-radicals! This process can maintain healthy tissue status in the body and reduce degeneration… Does this mean X50 Green Tea can slow down the aging process? Who knows, but they sure as heck take a good shot at it! Not only does X50 Green Tea contains these Polypheno’ – whatever, whatever’s, it contains Resveratrol

Okay, don’t act too excited, but Resveratrol actually offers anti-ageing properties! And all for the small price of sinking a sachet of Green Tea in a bottle of water, or two, everyday!

Did we also mention that X50 Green Tea can help curb cravings and suppress a pesky appetite during dieting phases? Say you’re someone with what seems like a bottomless-pit, well X50 Green Tea can help you out with these peckish picking behaviours! The X50 Green Tea formula is a low calorie, no added sugar, natural and delicious drink which you can enjoy at ease. Enjoy a sweet treat for next-to-no calories and achieve the results you desire with X50 Green Tea!

HANDY SINGLE-SERVE SACHETS Never be without your precious Green Tea X50. Stash some sachets in your handbag, gym bag or work bag!

The How

Snip. Tip. Sip! Mix one sachet in 600mL - 1L of chilled water, coconut water or sparkling water. You can even add a sachet to smoothies!

If you’re unsure on how many a day you should have, or what flavour you should get or any question at all, do not hesitate to hit us up!

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