The perfect protein treat is here! Say goodbye to your cravings and hello to the Muscle Nation Choc Honeycomb Custard! With over 20 grams of casein protein per serve, this sweet snack will be getting you gains and keeping you satisfied all for only 150 calories! Did we mention there is real honeycomb pieces inside?!

Want to know more about this sacred casein protein? Casein is a slow digesting protein source with a thick, yet smooth consistency that is known to keep you fuller for longer – perfect for our fellow dieters! Even if you are just trying to live a healthier lifestyle, this protein-packed snack makes an awesome addition to anyone’s diet!

But these custards contain more than just protein…

  • •  With 7 grams of glutamine to aid in gut health and muscle growth
  • •  6 grams of MCT for improved digestion and cognition
  • •  3 grams of fibre for gut health and to stabilize blood sugar levels

So, what are you waiting for! Grab the new Muscle Nation Choc Honeycomb Custard, your favourite add-ins (sweet and salty popcorn, choc chips, frozen berries etc.) and make a delicious creation pronto! Thank us later…

Your friendly local supp shop,

M&M Fitness.

Want to grab your own? Click the link below!

NEW! Muscle Nation Choc Honeycomb Casein Custard