One of the most common questions we get asked here at MMFitness is if you can still take Keto supplements even though you don't follow a Keto diet?

I love to test out all theories and methods when it comes to supplement use and effectiveness on myself so that I can form a non biased opinion on different products, recently I put the Ketonic to the test while I was in calorie deficit. Generally when we cut calories, you start to get more cravings, performance can decrease and the potential to lose muscle is higher.

I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to products and making claims like, “Increases fat loss” or “Increases metabolism”, I also have a huge appetite so was keen to see the difference it made. I started my cut without any supplements other than protein powder at breakfast and coffee pre training, so I could see how I felt and have something to compare against when I added the Ketones. I felt lethargic, moody and really lacking strength in my sessions.

After 2 weeks of doing that I did my pinches and was sitting at 58.5kg and 18% body fat . I then began to have a scoop of Ketones pre training as well as coffee as my pre workout. The first thing I noticed was my energy and focus pick up, I had a lot more endurance and was able to push more weights. I also felt really good for the rest of the day, still had an appetite but not craving sugars or looking for extra food between meals.

At Week 3 I had dropped to 58kgs, was still eating flexibly, still having my weekend burrito and ice cream that I had factored into my macros. I also realised I had only been having 1/2 a serve of Ketones rather than a full serve, so I upped myself to the full serving pre training.

After another 3 weeks I was down to 57.5kgs and my pinches had come down to 16% body fat. Strength and endurance was still on point and getting stronger. So I was able to cut calories fairly aggressively for me and rather than lose strength and muscle, I was able to maintain and even get stronger, lose body fat and still continue to eat flexibly (within reason of course). This is something I hadn’t been able to achieve in the past, so I was STOKED!!!

So all in all the answer is YES you can absolutely use Ketones to your advantage whilst in a calorie deficit, even if not following a Keto Diet. I wouldn’t make claims as far as saying that the ketones made me lose fat weight, being in a calorie deficit is still the Key for fat loss. BUT you can diet easier and spare your muscle from breakdown, so certainly worth giving a try if this is something you struggle with.