The protein shake you actually want to drink. Say goodbye to dreading protein shakes and say hello to never missing your protein targets ever AGAIN! If you want to make...

The protein shake you actually want to drink.

Say goodbye to dreading protein shakes and say hello to never missing your protein targets ever AGAIN! If you want to make muscle gains, lose body fat and recover like a champion, it is imperative that you get adequate protein in each day. But, we know just how difficult this can be, I mean, who wants to gag every time they try and get some protein in? There is an abundance of protein powders out there, but merely enough of them actually satisfy our cravings let alone taste pleasant. Low and behold, the hero protein and the revolutionary PRO by Core Nutritionals.

Lets be real here fam, taste is paramount, and PRO does not compromise when it comes to taste! PRO delivers on all aspects - flavour, formula and feedback. 

With over 5 scrumptious flavours to choose from, the hardest part about getting your protein in is choosing which flavour to take! Some star flavours include Vanilla Toffee Gaintime, Frosted Vanilla Cupcake, Blueberry Muffin and MORE! 

Secondly, Core Nutritionals does not miss when it comes to product formulation. If you're looking for evidence based blends, legit ingredient profiles with no hidden nasties, you have absolutely landed on the jackpot! 

Have you ever felt like you've been recommended something with absolutely no reasoning behind the recommendation? Or someone just cant explain why the said product is good? Well, that is exactly what Core Nutritionals doesn't do. Core provides extensive detailing as to why they formulate their supplements the way they do, and who doesn't love that! Transparency and science behind formulations? Count us in! 

Some key scientific facts behind Core Nutritionals PRO includes:

Cold-processed undenatured whey protein concentrate - This process of cold processed undenaturization preserves the molecular structure of the amino acid particles as well as the immune boosting benefits that it contains. This undenatured protein is also a rich source of amino acids, including those needed for the synthesis of glutathione, which is an important antioxidant that can be depleted by stress (exercise stress included). This makes it a great foundation for your post workout recovery nutrition.

Cross-flow microfiltered whey protein isolate: Microfiltration eliminates a large majority of the fat and lactose from the whey, which makes it easily digestible and quickly absorbed into the body. This cross-flow process uses a highly intricate method to isolate the protein. It is not subjected to chemicals and is thus left in its most natural state.

Milk Protein Isolate: milk protein isolate is obtained through the partial removal of non-protein materials from skim milk (lactose and other minerals). What you are left with is a dry product that contains more than 90% protein by weight. This product contains both casein and whey proteins in their original proportions found in milk, without combining separately produced casein and whey proteins. It contains very little fat and lactose and also has a very high amino acid composition making it a perfect addition to this blend.

Just to name a few...

Wondering if Core Nutritionals PRO will be suitable to you? Check out some of our suggestions below...

Product Type: Slow Digesting Protein
Suitable For: Men and Women
Assists: Muscle Recovery / Fat Loss / Lean Muscle Gain
Ideal Use: Boost protein in meals/snacks
Secondary Use: 

Product Highlights:

  • 25g Sustained Released Protein
  • Only 2g Carbohydrates and 2g Fats per serve!
  • Amazing Flavours!

Who is CORE NUTRITIONALS PRO Protein suitable for?

CORE NUTRITIONALS Pro Protein is suitable for males or females looking for a high quality protein they can add to meals/snacks to help boost their protein content for the day to help assist recovery and help reach their goals sooner. Due to its low carb and low fat formula, it can be used to support both fat loss and muscle gain.


Mix 1 scoop of CORE NUTRITIONALS PRO Protein with 300-400ml of water or your favourite beverage anytime of the day that you need a high quality protein meal./snack.

Still not quite sure if CORE PRO will be the one for you? CONTACT US! 

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