Staunch Nations Kanga Milk Mass Gainer

Staunch Nations Kanga Milk Mass Gainer
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What is Staunch Nation Kanga Milk Mass Gainer?

Staunch Nation have done it again. Kanga Milk is the premiere mass gainer for those of us who are looking to build mass without adding any extra unhealthy sugars or fats! While there may be other companies that sell mass gainers filled with calorie, fat and sugar hidden proprietray blends.

Staunch has gone the extra mile with Kanga Milk as it is a Mass Gainer which delivers a complete Protein Complex, Carb Complex, Fat Complex, Muscle Building and Digestive Enzyme Complex. This Powerful Mass Gainer has all of the necessary fuel that your body needs to build mass in one of the healthiest ways.

Product Type: Mass Gainer
Suitable For: Men
Assists: Weight Gain, Muscle Building, Strength
Ideal Use: Mass Gainer
Secondary Use: -

How do I use Staunch Nation Kanga Milk Mass Gainer?

Mix 2 heaping scoops of Kanga Milk with 16-20 ounces of COLD water or skim milk.

Staunch Nation Kanga Milk Nutritional Information:

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