RAPID SUPPLEMENTS Rapid Shred Fat Burner

RAPID SUPPLEMENTS Rapid Shred Fat Burner
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What is RAPID SHRED Fat Burner?

RAPID SHRED Fat Burner is a strong thermogenic pre-workout supplement (fat burner) purposely formulated to deliver high energy and help you to maximise calorie burn during training but without the CRASH or come down afterwards. RAPID SHRED Fat Burner achieves this by using good doses of the important energy and fat loss ingredients and not just caffeine like some other products.

Who should use RAPID SHRED Fat Burner?

RAPID SHRED Fat Burner is suitable for anyone male or female looking for a fat burner that delivers high energy and focus to help them maximise workout intensity, performance and calorie burn during training.

Product Type: Thermogenic Pre-Workout (Fat Burner)
Suitable For: Men & Women
Assists: Energy / Thermogenesis / Fat Loss / Calorie Burn / Motivation / Focus
Ideal Use: Pre-Workout
Secondary Use:-

M&M Fitness RAPID SHRED Fat Burner REVIEW:

RAPID SHRED Fat Burner definitely delivers a high energy training experience and therefore dosage should be considered carefully!

While RAPID SHRED Fat Burner only contains a moderate 200mg caffeine per serve, when coupled with a huge 150mg of Dynamine (Methyliberine) the energy and focus are amazing!

RAPID SHRED Fat Burner mixes instantly and has a flavour that is second to none. Also being naturally sweetened with Stevia is just an added bonus! RAPID SHRED Fat Burner contains a huge 60 serves per tub making it excellent value for money!

We recommend RAPID SHRED Fat Burner for anyone needing a strong thermogenic that will give you amazing energy and drive to power through any workout or throughout your busy day.

Taste 10/10
Energy 9/10
Focus 10/10
Thermogenic Strength 9/10

OVERALL = 9.5/10

How do I use RAPID SHRED Fat Burner?

Mix up to 1 scoop of RAPID SHRED Fat Burner with 150-300ml of COLD water and consume 30 minutes BEFORE training.

*Always start on a low dosage to assess tolerance (MORE does not = Faster Results!)
*DO NOT consume more than 2 scoops in any 24 hour period

RAPID SHRED Fat Burner Ingredients and Nutrition Information

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