Tim Muriello's Spazmatic V2.0

Tim Muriello's Spazmatic V2.0
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A message from the creator of SPAZMATIC Tim Muriello...

Being known as the Fitness and Supplement Expert in the fitness industry, so manypeople have been asking me to come out with a supplement line for years upon years. Now the time has come, but I knew with this pre-workout I really had to make what I would consider to be the best of the best! I could not go cheap and it had to work on every level. I only wanted to put ingredients that TRULYworked and at the right dosages. I spared you allthe garbage that you don't need and put in what I trusted.I see all these lines that make it look like you are getting something good and then come to find out that you need to take 2 scoops to get there and there are only 25 scoops in the bottle! What a rip off and false advertising!!

I am in another world in the gym. I let go and sometimes snap out of it for glimpse to find out that I may have been scaring people. I love that. That's when I am happiest in the gym and what keeps me coming back. That weird zone when I am working so hard and I almost feel completely invincible. SPAZMATIC takes you to an intense place very quickly.It is so strong that you could probably take 1/2 a scoop and still be legit.When I take it I feel europhoric as heck and ready to get weird with the weights. Its gotall my bases covered.....PUMP, FOCUS, ENERGY- and YES-I am a total freaking SPAZ on it!!!!!!

Let me cover whats in it quickly and get out your hair.....

Naicin - 40mgs 250%:

I mean doctors prescribe this to patients to get major blood flow going deep in their body. Shoot..I am sold! This is so underrated but yet works so good doctors prescribe it.Probably the best Pump Ingredient on the market. It opens up large and small blood vessels all over the body and causes atremendous increase in blood flow, nutrients, oxygen, hormones, and other vital substances to yourbody.

250% is where it is at the get the real benefits.

L-Citrulline - 4.5 Grams:

Companies will try so hard to make you think you are getting a high dose when they sell you Citrulline Malate. The Malate portion (Malic Acid) takes up a huge portion of that and leaves you with little actual Citrulline. I ain't having that! This is 4.5 grams of PURE Citrulline.That is A TON per 1 scoop!!!!Notice there is no Agmatine in this product. With this much Citrulline there could be some major clumping issues. I went with a ultra high dose of Citrulline instead. Citrulline will give you a stoooopid pump. It is not broken down by the liver like Arginine. That is why it is better at enlarging blood vessels than taking straight Arginine.

L-Norvaline - 200mgs:

Arginase is an enzyme that blocks Arginine in your system from doing its job at created Nitric Oxide. L-Norvaline blocks Arginase. With this ingredient coupled with the Niacin and the L-Citrulline; you are looking at a nasty pump!!!

Vitamin B-12 - 2,000mcgs 83,333%:

You are probaby like..."that is a freaking ton of B-12!" First off-it is safe. Second off, you know those very expensive B-12 injections everyone is taking now? Yeah, this is the kind of dosage you are getting in SPAZMATIC. Just like those 'under-the-tongue' B-12 supplements, this dose is what similiar to what you are getting. It is a dose that actuals works. I put this in SPAZMATIC to give younatural energy. When you take high stims products, you want somethingto keep you coasting when alll the stims wear off so you don't feel like a sac.

N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate - 175mgs:

You asked for it and now you got it!! This stuff is cray. This is the best new and exotic stimulant on the market. This is the potent and hard hitting compound singled out and found in the Eria Jarensis plant. This hot new stim hits you faster than DMHA while increasing dopamine and noradrenaline to give you dramatic eurphoric energy without a crash. Unlike other stims, N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate can lower anxiety and burn fat!!

Caffeine - 400mgs:

I broke this down into 2 parts:

Fast Acting: Caffeine Anhydrous at 300mgs

Slow Acting: Green Tea at 100mgs

This way you getting immediate energy from the fast absorbing Caffeine Anhydrous as well as a buffered caffeine from Green Tea that let's you down slowly so you don't have a nasty crash. You're welcome.

Higenamine & Hordenine 30mgs (each):

If the top two were not enough. These two stimulants are the icing on the cake for energy, focus, and alertness. They give you tons of energy and are very much consideredhardcore stimulants.One thing I love is the fact that they open up your lungs asbronchodilatorsso you can get more air in. That's huge!! The more oxygens you can get into your lungs and muscles,the harder and longer you can train!!! Ask Lance.

Taurine - 2 Grams:

I put this in the Energy Squad becuase it essentially gives youmuscular energy.Actually there is soooo much Taurine does for you, but for immediate pre-workout purposes, Taurine helps with muscle fatigue so you can keep lifting heavy with high volumes; especially with 2 HUGE GRAMS. Taurine makes your muscleproduce PEAK force- making you strongerwith better muscle contractions!!!

L-Tyrosine - 1 Gram:

That's right...1 G up in it! So many companies are too cheap to put a dose in that actually works. SMH. More than ever, we need ingredients that help us focus. There are so many dang distractions in the gym these days. TVs, group selfies, leggings, chit chat, and amusing gym attire can reach for your attention spand. L-Tyrosine helps you drop those distractions out of your bandwidth and allows you to focus on what you are at the gym for!!!

Huperzine A - 200mcgs:

There are alot of so called focus ingredients I could have put in here. Huperzine A is in SPAZMATIC because it is one of my favorites that I know really works to give you focus and elevates mental performance so you can train at a high level. 200mcgs is a dose I am not sure you will find is many products unless you bought a standalone. It is a very high dose. The biggest reason I put Huperzine A in SPAZMATIC is because it isFAST ACTING and actually gives you a mental spike!Alot of other nootropic ingredients are not good for pre-workouts because they only work well with continued use and don't give you a mental jolt like you wouldneed in a pre-workout.

Electrolytes with Pink Himalayan Salt:

Electrolytes actually help give you a pump while keeping youproperly hydratedinside and outside of cells. They regulate your heart rate and allow your muscle to contract. Sweating causes a loss of these electrically charged minerals. Proper fluid balance means better performance in the gym. The game changer is the Pink Himalayan Salt.Pink Himalayan Salt contains numerousminerals and trace elements that are super healthy for you with all types of benefits!!!

There you have it! Legit huh?? What else did you expect from me? This product is for all those so hungry for gains that they have no problem being a SPAZMATIC in the gym!!

Make sure to read all the warnings on the labels before use.

-Tim Muriello

Who should use SPAZMATIC?

Tim Muriello's SPAZMATIC is suitable for anyone male or female looking for a pre-workout that delivers high energy and focus to help maximise workout intensity and performance during any form of training or physical activity.

Product Type: Pre-Workout (Caffeinated)
Suitable For: Men & Women
Assists: Energy / Calorie Burn / Motivation / Focus
Ideal Use: Pre-Workout
Secondary Use:-


Tim Muriello's SPAZMATIC is a pre-exercising formula which provides one of the highest blends of the most effective energy and focus ingredients on the planet!!!

Tim Muriello's SPAZMATIC mixes instantly and has an amazing candy-like Watermelon Taffy Flavour that leaves you wantng more. Because of it's potency you can easily start with a 1/2 scoop serving and slowly work your way up to a 1 scoop serving making it one of the best value products on the market.

We recommend Tim Muriello's SPAZMATIC for anyone looking for a SUPER STRONG energy and focus supplement that won't give you a nasty anxious or uncomfortable feeling while training and definitely won't give you the sudden crash post-training which almost all other higher stim pre-workouts generally do...

Taste 8/10
Energy 8/10
Focus 8/10
Value 9/10

OVERALL = 8/10

How do I use SPAZMATIC?

Mix 1/2 to 1 scoop of Tim Muriello's SPAZMATIC with 150-300ml of COLD water and consume 10-20 minutes BEFORE training.

*Always start on a low dosage to assess tolerance (MORE does not = Faster Results!)
*DO NOT consume more than 2 scoops in any 24 hour period

SPAZMATIC Ingredients and Nutritional Information:

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