APN Intense 2.0

APN Intense 2.0
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THE NEW APN Intense 2.0 Pre-Workout Energy

What is APN Intense 2.0?

What separates APN’s Intense 2.0 from the rest?

Simple, we only make great supplements. We stand by every one of our supplements and Intense 2.0 is no exception. Reformulated from the original Intense, we have worked hard to improve our formula to bring you the mostintensepre-workout supplement on the market. Intense 2.0 combines only the newest ingredients detailed below to provide a one of kind APN breakthrough formula.


Walking into a supplement store, it can be daunting to see the selection of pre-workouts to choose from and trying to read a supplement label can feel like trying to learn another language. Have no fear though, below we spell out everything you need to know about Intense 2.0

Who should use APN Intense 2.0?

APN Intesnse is suitable for anyone male or female looking for a pre-workout that delivers high energy and focus to help maximise workout intensity and performance during any form of training or physical activity.

Product Type: Pre-Workout (Caffeinated)
Suitable For: Men & Women
Assists: Energy / Calorie Burn / Motivation / Focus
Ideal Use: Pre-Workout
Secondary Use:-

M&M Fitness APN Intense REVIEW 2.0:

APN Intense delivers high energy and focus from the first to the last rep!

It allows you to carry on through your workout even when you don't want to, it is very pleasant it doesn't have a bad crash and does hit you all at once. it might be one the most pleasant pre workouts we have had in a long time, but dont let its pleasantness fool you when it gets in your system it will turn any man or women into a god

APN Intense mixes well and has a pleasant flavour that is easily drinkable. APN Intense also contans a HUGE 60 SERVES per tub making it one of the best value products on the market.

We recommend APN Intense for anyone looking for a good kick of energy without a super high amount of caffeine (but you can always do 1.5-2 scoops if you need that extra caffeine kick).

Taste 10/10
Energy 9/10
Focus 9/10
Value 10/10

OVERALL = 9.5/10

How do I use APN Intense 2.0?

Mix up to 0.5 to 2 scoops of APN Intense with 150-300ml of COLD water and consume 10-20 minutes BEFORE training.

*Always start on a low dosage to assess tolerance (MORE does not = Faster Results!)
*DO NOT consume more than 2 scoops in any 24 hour period

APN Intense Ingredients and Nutrition Information


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