Syntrax Matrix MEGA SALE!!!

Syntrax Matrix MEGA SALE!!!
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Matrix Protein by Syntrax

Low-carb sustained release protein blend in AMAZING FLAVOURS!

What is Syntrax Matrix?

Matrix Protein by Syntrax is pure sustained release protein blend of only the highest quality protein sources available in a huge range of amazing flavours that has made Syntrax famous.

Matrix by Syntrax uses a blend of high quality ultra-filtered whey protein, ultra-filtered milk protein (combination of whey and casein) and pure egg albumen (egg white protein) to deliver a protein with a diverse array of amino acids, micronutrients and enzymes to support the best overall muscle recovery, health and well being.

Syntrax Matrix is best used as a low carb, low fat snack, sweet high protein treat between meals or a delicious night time protein to have before bed.

Product Type: Blended Protein (Whey/Micellar Casein/Egg Albumen)
Suitable For: Men & Women
Assists: Fat Loss / Lean Muscle Gain / Boost Protein Intake
Ideal Use: Meal/Snack Replacement
Secondary Use: Night Time Protein

Syntrax Matrix Protein Key Facts:
- Low carb, low fat, lean protein
- Sustained release protein blend to keep you satisfied till your next meal
- HUGE range of delicious dessert like flavours

How do I use Syntrax Matrix?

Mix 1 to 2 scoops of Syntrax Matrix with 150-300ml COLD water or milk and consume as a low carb meal/snack replacement, or to boost protein and macronutrient intake alongside meals or before bed.

Syntrax Matrix can be taken as many times as necessary per day to hit your protein and macronutrient goals.

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