ATP SCIENCE Alpha Venus T432 PLUS Stack

ATP SCIENCE Alpha Venus T432 PLUS Stack
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ATP Alpha Venus & T432 PLUS Female Fat Loss Stack

The ATP Science Alpha Venus & T432 PLUS Stack combines two of the best research proven supplements to help women lose fat and achieve leaner body composition by naturally increasing the metabolism and optimising female hormonal activity.

The ATP Science Alpha Venus and T432 PLUS Stack achieves this by targeting three of the most common problems preventing women from losing fat.

1) Estrogen dominance and hormonal imbalance
2) Metabolic damage or a slow metabolism including under active thyroid hormones
3) Insulin resistance

What does each product do to help women lose fat more effectively?

ATP Science Alpha Venus

Alpha Venus is a female hormone support supplement designed to help treat a condition called Estrogen Dominance that can cause problems such as high fat storage in estrogen dominant areas such as the hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms, overall inability to lose fat, thyroid hormone imbalances, increased water retention, irregular periods, mood swings, acne, migraines and more (see below for a full list of symptoms).

Alpha Venus does this by helping to detox BAD waste estrogen out of the body that can cause Estrogen Dominance, encourage a better androgen to estrogen ratio to make it easier to lose fat and build lean muscle, reduce excess cortisol (stress hormone) and help to improve insulin sensitivity and treat related conditions such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).

ATP Science T432 PLUS

T432 PLUS is designed to help fat loss and increasing metabolic rate (speeding up the metabolism) and insulin sensitivity while also optimising related hormonal activity.

T432 PLUS does this by optimising thyroid hormone pathways to maximise the conversion of thyroid hormones to the most active forms  that are the best for fat loss and preventing the storage of fat, boost Glucagon Like Peptide 1 (GLP-1) and Leptin to better control blood sugar and prevent cravings, directly stimulate cAMP and hormone sensitive lipase to burn fat, support more balanced testosterone/estrogen ratio in cells to support more lean muscle and less body fat, control adipokines that can prevent fat loss and also improve insulin sensitivity.

*See below for more information about Estrogen Dominance, Alpha Venus and T432 PLUS

How do I use the ATP Science Alpha Venus and T432 PLUS Stack?

Alpha Venus Dosage
- Take two (2) capsules upon waking and another two (2) capsules 8-12 hours after the first dose.
- Alpha Venus can be taken with or without food.
- There are no additional benefits from using Alpha Venus before training.
- For best results use Alpha Venus for at least 3-4 months as this is the minimum time required to produce long term results and optimise hormonal pathways in women.

T432 PLUS Dosage (as recommended by ATP Science)
- Take two (2) capsules with breakfast
- Take one to two (1-2) capsules with lunch
- Take one to two (1-2) capsules with dinner
*Total dosage of 4-6 capsules per day

When can I expect to see results from the ATP Science Alpha Venus and T432 PLUS Stack?

As with any fat loss program results can vary from person to person depending on starting hormonal levels, previous and current food plan, exercise, and consistency of using the supplements (eg not missing doses). From our experience as long as your food is well balanced (sufficient protein and not too low in calories) and you are exercising regularly results can be seen within the first 2-4 weeks.

If you are struggling to see results or have any questions do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

Individual Product Information

Alpha Venus by ATP Science


*The ORIGINAL Alpha Venus formula containing Tong Kat Ali is now called ALPHA PRIME and can still be used by females. Alpha Prime is suitable for any female that does not suffer from any PCOS or insulin resistant symptoms to maximise androgen levels in females to promote lean muscle and fat loss. Both Alpha Venus and Alpha Prime help you to detox BAD estrogen and optimise HEALTHY estrogen production.

What is ATP Science Alpha Venus?

Alpha Venus by ATP Science is a specially formulated herbal supplement designed to support healthy female hormonal activity and treat a condition called ESTROGEN DOMINANCE. The Alpha Venus formula also contains ingredients to assist with the treatment and management of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and Insulin Resistance which is becoming more common in females.

What is Estrogen Dominance?

Estrogen itself is actually a GOOD hormone that is ESSENTIAL for both men and women and plays a key role in cardiovascular health (heart, lungs, arteries etc) and also the production of hair, skin and nails. Once the required estrogen has been made and used by the body, it is meant to be cleared away and detoxed out of the body by the liver and certain GOOD detox pathways.

Estrogen Dominance occurs when this used estrogen is sent down BAD detox pathways and can't be cleared away, and instead sent to other areas of the body to be stored, especially in fat cells. What makes the condition worse is that once this BAD ESTROGEN has been stored in fat cells, it can create more bad estrogen locally compounding the problem.

What are the main causes of Estrogen Dominance?

- A history of being overweight or carrying excessive body fat
- Hormonal imbalances such as hyper (and hypo) thyroidism
- Female contraception (the pill etc)
- Genetics
- Excessive environmental estrogen exposure (plastics, cosmetics, petrochemicals and certain foods)
- Direct use of androgens and hormones (eg steroids, pro-hormones, testosterone)

What are the SYMPTOMS of Estrogen Dominance in women?

- Regular bloating and high water retention
- Carry excess fat particularly around the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, lower back
- High levels of cellulite
- Find it hard to lose fat and build lean muscle
- Regular headaches or migraines
- Poor blood sugar control (including sugar and chocolate cravings)
- Poor circulation (cold hands/feet)
- Poor short term memory
- Excessive stress and anxiety
- Erratic mood swings
- Period pain and heavy periods
- Sore breasts
- UTI & thrush
- Abnormal pap smears and mammograms
- Endometriosis

What is PCOS (Polycycstic Ovary Syndrome)?

PCOS is a condition in females caused by a hormonal imbalance (generally too much testosterone and not enough progesterone) that prevents the follicles in the ovaries from maturing correctly and being able to release the egg from the follicle (ovulation). PCOS is one of the leading causes of infertility in women and research has provided a strong link to insulin resistance as one of the main causes.

What are the SYMPTOMS of PCOS?

- Few or no menstrual cycles
- Heavy and sometimes irregular bleeding
- Insulin resistance and poor blood sugar control
- Infertility and miscarriages
- Acne and oily skin
- Hair loss from the scalp
- Increased hair growth (hirsutism) on the face, chest, back, stomach, thumbs, or toes.

What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin Resistance is a condition where an excess of triglycerides (fats) in the blood stream block insulin receptors which then prevent the hormone insulin from being able to shuttle glycogen (blood sugar) out of the blood stream and into the cells where it is required. The result is that the body thinks that there is insufficient blood sugar available so starts breaking down muscle and other cells to make even more glycogen available while also producing more insulin as it doesn't believe enough has been sent to transport the glycogen to the cells.

Insulin itself is a highly anabolic hormone and in women this excess of insulin then drives an increase in testosterone production which often causes acne, hair loss from the scalp, hirtuism and PCOS.

What does ATP Science Alpha Venus do?

- Detox BAD estrogen out of the body (without blocking production of GOOD estrogen).
- Increase the 'androgen to estrogen' ratio to increase fat loss and promote more lean muscle.
- Reduce cortisol (stress hormone) which is catabolic and can prevent fat loss and muscle gain.
- Treat metabolic issues relating to insulin sensitivity, PCOS and more.

ATP Alpha Venus can also help females that suffer from:

- Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS or PMT)
- Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
- Infertility
- Acne (even after puberty)
- Menstrual pain
- Ovulation disorders
- Hirsutism (abnormal hair growth on face and/or body)

What do the KEY ingredients in ATP Science Alpha Venus do?

Broccoli Sprout (Brassica Oleracea) and Rosemary Extract (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

- DIRECTLY stimulates the NRF-2 gene which regulates the metabolism and detox of excess estrogen down a safe pathway to prevent toxic estrogen storage.
- Promotes GOOD phase 1 estrogen detox pathways (2-alpha-hydroxyestrone) for the safe removal of USED estrogen.
- Minimises BAD phase 1 detox pathways (4-alpha-hydroxyestrone and 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone) to minimise the storage of BAD USED estrogen around the body.
- Eliminate reactive quinones that can cause cancer which can be a product of the bad estrogen pathways (4-alpha-hydroxyestrone).

Chaste Tree (Vitex Agnus Castus) Extract

- Vitex enhances ovulation and helps to mature a healthy follicle for ovulation.
- Vitex enhances progesterone production.
- Vitex increases dopamine, a feel good chemical that is involved in pride, reward and self-esteem.
- Vitex inhibits prolactin through the increased dopamine production. Prolactin is associated with lactation, gynaecomastia, infertility, and is also elevated as part of a stress response to reduce reproduction and libido when under chronic stress.

Bladderwrack or Kelp Extract (Fucus Vesiculosus)

- Inhibit conversion of testosterone to excess estrogen
- Importantly blocks estrogen receptors without blocking estrogen production so there are no negative side effects

T432 PLUS by ATP Science

NEW ATP Science T432 PLUS features new ingredients to further help with insulin resistance and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) support on top of all the same benefits of the original T432 formula.

*NOTE: T432 PLUS is still 100% safe and equally effective for both men and women!

What is ATP Science T432 PLUS?

T432 PLUS by ATP Science is a specially formulated herbal supplement designed to naturally improve thermogenesis (ability to metabolise fat and block fat storage) and help repair METABOLIC DAMAGE by optimising thyroid hormone activity, improving insulin sensitivity and supporting related hormonal activity to assist fat loss.

Why are Thyroid Hormones important for fat loss?

Thyroid hormones control your metabolic rate (amount of calories you burn to survive) and your ability to not only burn and lose fat, but also to keep it off. This is why people with a medically under active thyroid (hypothyroidism) struggle to lose fat and keep it off, and people with an over active thyroid (hyperthyroidism) seem like they can eat almost anything and never store fat.

T432 PLUS is designed to not only help the body increase the production of thyroid hormones (T4), but also help convert it to more active versions of thyroid hormones (T3 and T2) which are not only more thermogenic than T4, but also more active meaning they act faster at stimulating the metabolism and using fat as energy.

What is Metabolic Damage?

Metabolic Damage (also known as Metabolic Syndrome) is a condition where the body can no longer efficiently regulate energy systems and therefore is constantly in a survival mode trying to conserve as much energy as possible and store as much spare energy as fat as it can. The result is a situation where you are chronically low on energy and make it almost impossible to lose fat and recover from external stresses like training and illness.

What are the main causes of Metabolic Damage?

- Chronic dieting (sustained periods of calorie deficit)
- Extreme exercising causing sustained periods of large calorie deficits
- Chronic stress and illness

What are the symptoms of Metabolic Damage and slow thyroid function?

- Cold intolerance (low core body temperature)
- Weight gain and find it difficult to lose fat
- Aches and pains of joints
- Severe DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and poor recovery from exercise
- Constipation
- Depression
- Difficulty concentrating and memory impairment
- Dry skin
- Chronic fatigue
- Hair thinning/hair loss
- Menorrhagia – heavy menstrual flow (periods)
- Weight gain
- Fluid retention

What does ATP Science T432 PLUS do?

- Repair Metabolic Damage
- Increase healthy thyroid hormone output (T4)
- Improve conversion of T4 to the more active forms of thyroid hormone T3 and T2
- Eliminate Reverse T3 which only has 1% the strength of T4 and blocks T3 receptors
- Boost Glucagon Like Peptide 1 (GLP-1) and Leptin used to increase feeling of satiety, reduce cravings, and increase metabolism
- Directly stimulate cAMP and hormone sensitive lipase to burn fat
- Support balanced testosterone/estrogen ratio in cells to support more lean muscle and less body fat
- Control adipokines* that can inhibit fat loss
- Improve Insulin sensitivity

*Adikopines are chemicals produced by fat cells that result in stubborn fat deposits

ATP T432 PLUS can also help females that suffer from:

- Estrogen Dominance
- Insulin Resistance
- Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

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