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Total Science Tribulus
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Tribulus by Total Science Nutrition

What is Total Science Tribulus?

Tribulus by Total Science is a clinically dosed testosterone booster designed to maximise your natural testosterone levels to optimise the body's ability build lean muscle, improve energy and enhance libido.

Tribulus by Total Science uses three research proven testosterone boosting ingredients that have been carefully sourced to ensure they contain the highest strength extracts available to deliver the strongest testosterone boosting product possible.

Product Type: Natural Testosterone Booster
Suitable For: Men
Assists: Increase Testosterone / Decrease Estrogen / Build Muscle / Improve Libido
Ideal Use: 1 to 3 months ON / 1 to 2 months OFF cycle
Secondary Use: -

What are the Key Ingredients in Total Science Tribulus?

Bulgarian Tribulus (55% Protodioscin)
Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is the strongest variety of Tribulus available and has shown to increase the production of Luteinising Hormone which in turn tells the Leydig cells in the testes to produce more testosterone. The Bugarian Tribulus used in Total Science Tribulus contains an incredibly high 55% Protodioscin (steroidal saponin) which is the key component that supports increased testosterone production.

Tongkat Ali (200:1)
Tongkat Ali, also known as Eurycoma Longjack is an amazing herb that supports increased testosterone production through multiple channels. Tongkat Ali tells the nervous system to spend less time in a 'fight or flight' catabolic state and prioritise anabolic functions such as rebuilding muscle, regenerating bone and even sexual functions to support reproduction. Tongkat Ali does this by telling the body to produce less of the catabolic hormone cortisol (stress hormone) and make more of the anabolic hormone DHEA which in turn helps to elevate testosterone.

The reduction of cortisol also reduces the production of a compound called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). A lower level of SHBG leaves more free testosterone available to the body, effectively increasing the amount of testosterone available to build muscle etc and also makes it more sensitive to the available testosterone.

Tongkat Ali is also whats known as a phytoandrogen which is a plant based compound that can mimic testosterone. In the case of Tongkat Ali it binds itself to testosterone receptors making your body more sensitive to testosterone, effectively helping your body get more out of the available testosterone.

Finally Tongkat Ali also blocks aromatase enzymes to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and further enhance the ratio of testosterone to estogen.

Panax Ginseng  (50% Gensenosides)
Panax Ginseng, also known as Korean Ginseng is a herb that has shown to increase the production of Luteinising Hormone which in turn tells the Leydig cells in the testes to produce more testosterone (similar to Tribulus). Panax Ginseng has also shown to support enhanced nitric oxide production in the male reproductive system. This increased nitric oxide synthesis has shown to further support increased testosterone with the aid of the enhanced circulation and has been even used as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Who is Total Science Tribulus suitable for?

Total Science Tribulus is suitable for any male looking maximise their natural testosterone levels to help increase muscle recovery, maximise lean muscle growth, improve energy, improve libido, and achieve faster results from their training.

How do I use Total Science Tribulus?

Take two (2-3) capsules of Total Science Tribulus twice daily with meals (4-6 capsules per day).
For BEST results use cycle Total Science Tribulus on a 1 to 3 months ON / 1 to 2 months OFF cycle.

Total Science Tribulus Ingredients

Bulgarian Tribulus (55:1)
Equivalent to 13,750mg herbal extract (55% Protodiocin)

Tongkat Ali (200:1)
Equivalent to 10,000mg herbal extract

Panax Ginseng (50:1)
Equivalent to 2,500mg herbal extract (50% Gensenosides)

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