Scivation Xtend Free

Scivation Xtend Free
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Xtend Free by Scivation: 100% Natural BCAA Formula

Xtend Free has the same award winning Xtend Formula but with 100% natural colours, flavours and sweeteners!

What is Scivation Xtend Free?

Xtend Free by Scivation is an all natural BCAA formula designed to help support muscle recovery. Xtend free uses the same award winning amino acid formula as used in the flagship Xtend BCAA product but contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners (sweetened with Stevia).

Every serve of Scivation Xtend Free contains:

7000 mg of BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio
3500 mg of Leucine
2500 mg of Glutamine
1000 mg of Citrulline Malate
PLUS electrolytes and B6 for hydration and enhanced absorption
ZERO Carbohydrates or Sugar
ZERO artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners

Who is Scivation Xtend Free suitable for?

Xtend Free is suitable for anyone, male or female wanting better muscle recovery and faster results from their training. Xtend Free is beneficial for most goals including fat loss, muscle gain and enhanced athletic performance.

Is Scivation Xtend Free safe for use in professional sports?

Xtend Free is 100% Banned Substance Free and is blended and packaged in an NSF for Sport® certified facility making it ideal for use by anyone from professional athletes to people simply looking to improve their health and fitness.

How do I use Scivation Xtend Free?

For Women OR if your primary goal is FAT LOSS:
- Mix one (1) scoop of Scivation Xtend Free in COLD water and consume DURING TRAINING

For Men OR if your primary goal is MUSCLE GAIN:
- Mix two (2) scoops Scivation Xtend Free in COLD water and consume DURING TRAINING
*Optional: Mix one (1) scoop Scivation Xtend Free in COLD water and consume in between meals

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