ATP Science Subcut Block E3 T432 PLUS Stack

ATP Science Subcut Block E3 T432 PLUS Stack
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ATP Science Subcut, Block E3 & T432 PLUS Stack!

Stack Includes:

ATP Science T432 PLUS (120 capsules) - Metabolic Catalyst (metabolism and thyroid support)
ATP Science Subcut (200ml) - Transdermal Fat Loss Serum (All over fat loss)
ATP Science Block E3 (200ml) - Estrogen Blocking Fat Loss Serum (Targets Stubborn Areas)

Who is this stack suitable for?

The ATP Science Fat Loss Stack is designed for any person (Male and Female) looking to completely redefine their body.

T432 is a revolutionary product by ATP Science formulated with scientifically proven active ingredients common in natural medicine and superfoods, combined with trace elements critical to human health designed to not only stimulate healthy thyroid production, but also help convert the thyroid hormones into the more active and thermogenic (assist in metabolising fat) versions called T3 and T2. The second element of T432 is to increase production of 'Glucagon Like Peptide 1' (GLP-1) and Leptin which are the critical factors in the feeling of feeling satisfied or full after eating, reduce cravings, and increase your metabolism.

Subcut and Block E3 are designed to target specific fat areas - that's right, spot reduction of fat is now possible! Most visible fat is only a few millimetres under the skin and that is what makes these products so effective. Subcut breaks down fat directly at the storage site making it ready to be moved and metabolised as the primary energy source while also working to repair and tighten the skin to help minimise the appearance of cellulite.

Block E3 on the other hand is used to target stubborn fat areas such as the underarms, hips and buttocks on women, and chest and lower back on men. These areas are commonly hard to lose fat from as they can contain a high percentage of Estrogen-bound fat cells which can't be broken down unless the Estrogen bond is broken - that is exactly what Block E3 can now do!

How to use the ATP Science Fat Loss Stack

ATP Science T432

To increase metabolism and thyroid activity:
- Take two (2) capsules approximately 10-20 minutes before breakfast
- Take one (1) capsule 10-20 minutes before lunch*
- Take one (1) capsule 10-20 minutes before dinner*
*If you have severely low thyroid function or a very slow metabolism you can alternatively take two (2) capsules before every meal to begin with.

Maintenance of healthy metabolism and thyroid function:
- Take one (1) capsule twice daily 10-20 minutes before meals

ATP Science Subcut

- Massage SUBCUT into regional fatty deposits on abdomen, thighs, buttocks and upper arms
- For best results use before training, and before bed (after showering)
- Subcut can be applied up to three (3) times daily

ATP Science Block E3

Add 2.5ml (approx 1/2 tsp) Block E3 onto the inside of each wrist and massage directly onto your chest, lower back and/or abdomen twice daily (Before bed after showering and before training)

Add 2.5ml (approx 1/2 tsp) Block E3 onto the back of each arm, hip and buttock then massage directly into the skin once or twice daily (Before bed after showering and/or before training). Additionally also massage 2.5ml into fat areas on your hamstrings (back of thighs) and abdomen.

Detailed Product Information:


Thyroid hormones are used by the body to control your metabolic rate and your overall ability to not only lose fat, but also to keep it off. T432 is designed to not only increase the production of thyroid hormones (T4), but also help convert it to more active versions of thyroid hormones (T3 and T2) which are not only thermogenic, (meaning they assist the metabolism of fat) but also blocks the storage of fat and helps improve insulin sensitivity.

T432 is made from a unique combinations of active ingredients scientifically derived from from a variety of traditional natural medicine and therapy superfoods from around the world then combined with critical human cofactors of zinc, selenium and Iodine.

Zinc, Selenium and Iodine are essential components of a healthy metabolic rate as they are necessary to manipulate many enzyme, antioxidant and hormonal systems vital to preserve muscle and burn fat. These same nutrients are also some of the most deficient in Australian and western food cultures due to poor food quality and farming practices.

Key Facts

- Eliminates Reverse T3*
- Boost Glucagon Like Peptide 1 (GLP-1) and Leptin used to increase feeling of satiety, reduce cravings, and increase metabolism
- Directly stimulate cAMP and hormone sensitive lipase to burn fat
- Support more balanced testosterone/estrogen ratio in cells to support more lean muscle and less body fat
- Control Adipokines** that can inhibit fat loss
- Improve Insulin sensitivity

*Reverse T3 has less than 1/100th the thermogenic potency of T4 and will bind and block T3 receptors not only prevent the benefits of T3, but also the production of T2.
**Adikopines are chemicals produced by fat cells that result in stubborn fat deposits


ATP Science have put in over 15 years of research and development to provide you with a non-prescription topical fat loss cream with proven results.  It is blended together with rosehip oil to give you a pleasant smelling but most importantly powerful and effective suitable for most people.

*Is applied directly to the skin like moisturiser and can be used on any area you want to lose fat. Best used pre-workout to maximise metabolism of fats and also after your evening shower before bed to burn fat while you sleep!

Most of us now know that spot reduction through exercise is impossible (YES IMPOSSIBLE) and even the best thermogenic fat burning products can't specifically target a certain area of the body as it is your body (and genetics) that decide where it wants to store fat, and also lose fat.  SUBCUT changes this completely by allowing you to specifically target the areas where it is applied!

SUBCUT is designed to target subcutaneous fat (fat just under your skin) and improve the look of the local areas it is applied by doing the following:

- Breaks down subcutaneous fat directly at the storage site making it ready to be moved
- Stimulate the metabolism and encourage fat  to be used as the primary energy source
- Helps to repair and tighten the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite
- Increases antioxidant levels to repair and protect collagen, elastin and dermal connective tissue
- Has Hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine qualities to be suitable for most skin types

Key Ingredients

Coleus (Coleus forskohlii)
The active ingredient (forskolin) mimics thyroid hormones and stimulates the breakdown of fat cells
Guarana (Paulinia cupana)
Heightens the effects of forskolin and also increases production of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) which has the function of transferring the messages from hormones to the cells
Japanese thistle (Cirsium oligophyllum)
The active ingredient Silybin increases the level of thermogenic uncoupling proteins to boost lypolisis (breakdown of fats).  Studies on rats have shown an average loss of localised subcutaneous fat by over 23% after a 7 day period.  It also has been shown to help prevent the generation of new fat cells.
Red Thunder (Sanguisorba officinalis)
Antiseptic and astringent properties while also repairing collagen and elastin
Black Pepper Oil (piper nigrum)
This ingredient is not new to the supplement industry due to its ability to assists the body in the absorption of a wide array of nutrients both orally, and in this case transdermally.

Block E3

Have you got some fat on your body that no matter what you do, or how lean you get you just can't lose?

Stress no more - Block E3 is designed to target these areas on both men & women!

ATP Science have taken a lot of time an effort to bring you Block E3 body shaping serum (skin cream) formulated to combat estrogen dominance around the body that causes regional areas of fat predominantly on the chest of men (man boobs) and on the hips, thighs and buttocks of women.  Secondly estrogen dominance can have a direct impact on muscle fibre size and also increase inter-muscular fat making it very difficult to obtain muscle definition and the LEAN & TONED look you are wanting.  

Estrogen dominance can effect anyone but is particularly apparent on any persons that have had higher body fat percentages in the past due to the relevance between the amount of estrogen and fat.

Block E3 is designed to be applied and absorbed through the skin as some of the key active ingredients that make this product so effective can be damaged if ingested orally in the process of digestion.  Secondly as the fat it targets sits very close to the skin and being applied directly to the problem area it can more effectively act on that local area.

ATP Science have used 3 active ingredients that when used together help prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen (aromatase activity) and block estrogen activity at the nearest receptor.

Key Ingredients:

Midnight Horror (Oroxylum Indicum)
Potent natural source of the flavones Chrysin which inhibits aromatase (conversion of testosterone to estrogen), and Baicalein which helps block estrogen receptors

Bladderwrack (Fucus Vesiculosus)
Concentrated source of iodine, fucoidan and fucophlorethols which again help inhibit aromatase and the binding of oestradiol (dominant form of estrogen is reproductive females) to the receptors

Black Pepper Oil (piper nigrum)
This ingredient is not new to the supplement industry due to its ability to assists the body in the absorption of a wide array of nutrients both orally, and in this case transdermally.

*Block E3 is designed to get rid of those stubborn fat areas while also helping permanently prevent the return of those fat deposits.


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