Quest Nutrition Quest Hero Bar

Quest Nutrition Quest Hero Bar
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Quest Hero Protein Bar

Layered Candy-Bar-Style Protein Snack

Looking for a low-carb snack that's actually healthier than your regular meals, Quest Protein Bars are designed for anyone who strives for a leaner body without sacrificing everything they love to eat.

Quest Hero Protein Bars fill that void in the energy bar market offering great nutrition, great taste and convenience in one delicious bar.

Quest Hero Protein Bars allow you to be successful at any goal you strive for, try a Quest Protein Bar risk free we’re super confident you’ll love it.

Quest Hero Protein Bar is the latest and greatest product from Quest Nutrition, high quality whey isolate and milk isolate is combined to provide 15-17g of protein per bar (depending on flavor), couple that with 11g of fibre and 30g of carbs (only 4g "net” carbs).

Found in nature and in many fruits, Quest Hero Protein Bar contains a "rare” sugar called Allulose, which varies greatly compared to "regular” sugar. Tasting like sugar Allulose has nearly zero calories (0.4cal/gram) and up to 100% of it is not metabolised as it passes through the body. Therefore it wont affect you like "regular” sugar.

By using Allulose, Quest made the Hero Protein Bar devilishly tasty with a soft filling, chewy core and a protein packed dipped coating.

Don’t make any nutritional compromises, choose the Quest Hero Protein bar that tastes great and fits your macros


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