Total Science Hardcore Liquid Burn SALE

Total Science Hardcore Liquid Burn SALE
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What is Acetyl L-Carnitine?

Acetyl L-Carnitine is an amino acid which is used by the body to metabolise fat and transport it into your muscles to be used as energy. Acetyl L-Carnitine is the most researched and 100% proven fat loss supplement available today!

Acetyl L-Carnitine also helps to:
- Increase energy
- Decrease cortisol (stress hormone)
- Improve brain performance
- Maintain healthy testosterone levels
- Decrease anxiety, stress and depression

Acetyl L-Carnitine will help you maximise the fat loss from the added calorie burn using HARDCORE LIQUID BURN!!!

Total Science Hardcore Liquid BURN

Every so often a new product arrives that makes everyone stand up and take notice... This is one of those moments! 

What makes Total Science Hardcore Liquid Burn so good?

- Liquid property provides faster ingredient delivery
- Intense thermogenic effect for maximum calorie burn
- Instant energy boost without over stimulation (NO CRASH or ADRENAL FATIGUE!)
- Increased motivation and mental clarity

Until now most brands have relied on large doses of caffeine or stimulants to achieve the required "feel" needed for a product to sell at the expense of a heavy crash and no guarantee of results. Total Science Hardcore Liquid Burn has instead been carefully formulated to get the most out of each ingredient to help you achieve the best results while still feeling invincible during training.

Product Type: Thermogenic Pre-Workout (Fat Burner)
Suitable For: Men and Women
Assists: Energy / Thermogenesis / Fat Loss / Calorie Burn / Motivation / Focus
Ideal Use: Pre-Workout
Secondary Use: -

Key Ingredients:

- AMP Citrate, Guarana and Methyl Synephrine for enhanced energy, clear focus and increased thermogenesis
- L-Carnitine to increase the metabolism of body fat
- Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract) to maximise the efficacy of each ingredient

Who is Total Science Hardcore Liquid BURN suitable for?

Total Science Hardcore Liquid BURN is suitable for anyone MALE or FEMALE looking to increase energy and support fat loss by INCREASING CALORIE BURN during training. Unlike some high stimulant thermogenics currently available, Total Science Hardcore Liquid BURN only contains a MODERATE amount of caffeine to prevent over stimulation which is often followed by a CRASH post training.

*M&M Fitness advises Total Science Hardcore Liquid BURN is not suitable for use in any sport or activity governed by WADA or ASADA

How do I use Total Science Hardcore Liquid BURN?

- Shake bottle before dispensing
- Consume 5ml to 10ml scoops of Total Science Hardcore Liquid BURN 15-30 minutes before training
- Increase daily water intake by 1-2 litres MINIMUM when using any thermogenic like Total Science Hardcore Liquid BURN

*Always start on a low dosage to assess tolerance (MORE does not = Faster Results!)
*DO NOT consume more than 20ml in any 24 hour period

NOTE: Due to the Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract) in Total Science Hardcore Liquid Burn when you consume the liquid on its own it has a moderately spicy/peppery taste. To minimise this taste simply mix it with 100-150ml of water and combine with a small amount of diet cordial or flavoured amino acids.

Total Science Hardcore Liquid BURN is available in the following flavours:

Berry, Tropical (Each bottle contains 285ml - 28.5 serves)

Total Science Hardcore Liquid BURN Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 10ml

   Per Serve  Per 100g
 Energy  35 kJ  352 kJ
 Calories  8 cal  84 cal
 Protein  0 g  0 g
 Fat (Total)  0 g  0 g
  - Saturated  0 g  0 g
 Carbohydrates (Total)  2 g  15 g
  - Sugars  2 g  2 g
 Sodium  16 mg  157 mg
 L-Carnitine  1000 mg  10000 mg
 Guarana  400 mg  4000 mg
 Caffeine Anhyrous  130 mg  1300 mg
 AMP Citrate  50 mg  500 mg
 Methyl-Synephrine (Oxilofrine)  30 mg  300 mg
 Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract)  7 mg  70 mg

Total Science Hardcore Liquid BURN Ingredients:

Water, Glucose, L-Carnitine, Guarana, Flavours, Sweetener (E952), Caffeine Anhydrous, AMP Citrate, Food Acid (E330), Methyl-Synephrine (Oxilofrine), Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract), Food Additive (E221), Colour (varies between flavours).

Total Science Rush BURN

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