BPM Labs Liporush

BPM Labs Liporush

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BPM Liporush - Maximise Energy and Calorie Burn

Liporush by BPM Labs is the sequel to Lipodrive and made by the same company that released the worldwide best selling pre-workout THE ONE.  With a new improved formula containing powerful ingredients that provide unrivalled focus and enhancement of mood coupled with some of the strongest fat burning, thermogenic compounds available today.

Liporush is not your 'average' thermogenic pre-workout, it is one of the strongest currently on the market and only for people wanting a serious kick on ENERGY, FOCUS and FAT LOSS.

M&M Fitness BPM Labs Liporush REVIEW:

TASTE:  5/10
ENERGY:  9/10
FOCUS:  9/10
THERMO:  10/10
VALUE:  10/10
OVERALL: 8.5/10

BPM Liporush delivers good clean energy and focus without being 'over the top' leaving you ready to train without feeling too edgy or jittery. The real strength of BPM Liporush is the thermogenic aspect. You can really feel an increase in core body temp which is vital in providing maximum calorie burn to get the best fat loss results from every session.

If there is an area that can be improved with BPM Labs Liporush it would have to be the TASTE of the product. While the flavour is good there is a bit of a bitter after taste that may not be to your liking if you are picky with how your supplements taste.

BUT if you are serious about maximising calorie burn and just getting results BPM Liporush will not disappoint!

BPM Labs Liporush Key Ingredients and Benefits

African Mango is being praised for its ability to help reduce body fat, weight, and even cholesterol and leptin levels in overweight subjects. It has been shown to balances blood glucose levels and increases energy.

Green Tea Extract has been shown to Increases 24-hour energy expenditure, increases the body's key fat-burning hormone norepinephrine, prolong thermogenesis, provides powerful antioxidants and supports a healthy immune system.

Cacao Plant Extract This natural extract has been shown to increase metabolism, increase energy, increase blood flow during exercise increasing lipolosis and reducing water retention.

Naringen is a flavonoid found in grapefruits. Naringen is found to interfere with enzymes responsible for the breakdown of many nutrients, increasing the blood level of certain compounds by enhancing both their oral uptake and increasing their half-life in the body. Naringen increases the absorption and effectiveness of other fat burning nutrients.

Tetradium Extract has similar thermogenic and stimulatory properties as that of another well known fat loss ingredient; capsaicin. Mice consuming Tetradium extract whilst on a high fat diet were able to reduce the amount of fat and weight gained when compared to those mice not taking Tetradium extract.

Bitter Orange Peel Extract is a potent thermogenic and CNS stimulant provides extreme energy. It has been shown to increase resting metabolic rate, which results in weight loss. It is found to exhibit a powerful thermogenic effect, and does not produce the undesirable side effects on blood pressure and heart rate that ephedrine does. It has been further shown to increase metabolic rate when combined with caffeine.

Niacin although great for its ability to help increase nitric oxide production has been included in Annihilate for its ability to reduce triglycerides and triglyceride-containing particles like VLDL and IDL (intermediate-density lipoprotein).

Taurine has been included for its ability to reduce cortisol, support healthy blood sugar levels, metabolise fats and increase concentration and mood.

Caffeine Anhydrous is a concentrated form of Caffeine known for its ability to increase metabolic rate and increase energy and focus

Nandina Domestica (Fruit) Extract is a potent stimulant that provides laser like focus and energy. Also increase fat mobilization and prevents storage due to its ability to block alpha 2 receptors.

Pouchong Tea Extract increases metabolic rate, focus and increase energy through CNS stimulation and also suppresses appetite.

Thiamine has been shown to decrease fatigue, increase focus, increase mood, energy and reaction time without the negative effects such as anxiety associated with some stimulants.

For MAXIMUM results Lipodrive is best stacked with Syn-Tec D-Toxilean for optimal liver health to maximise the processing of fats you are metabolising.

*IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM M&M FITNESS: This product is not suitable for use in professional sport or any competition sanctioned by WADA or associated national organisations

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